05/12/2009 “A tranquil lodge at a key intersection “

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North Gate is a facility in Nata Village to accomodate visitors in Kansane(Francistown and Maun road intersection). It is very peaceful there with air conditioning a pool tv and much more.


05/06/2009 Donations At Work (Mural Project)

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Nata Village , Sua Secondary School Health Club ,and Nata Primary School worked on a mural trying to insight children on staying healthy.

They all hope to get the message out there and worked really hard on this wall.

Ntwakgolo Support Group 04/28/2009

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In the month of May the Ntwakgolo Support Group learned to work with leather shoes purses wallets jackets etc.They were really proud of themselves. And now are trying to work from their homes.

SUA Community Junior Secondary School 04/07/2009

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Almost over 600 students at SUA community secondary school attended and listened to the awareness of aids , pregnancy , alcohol abuse and domestic violence. They walked out of there that day with a whole different point of view and insight on life’s reality.

Vocab 3/31

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Profane: vulgar; obscene

1.Most rap artist lyrics contain profane words about women and money.

Pernicious:having a harmful affect

2.Smoking causes pernicious health affects like lung cancer .

Augment: to make greater in size

3.Eating a lot of unhealthy junk-food caused him to augment into an obese weight.

Languish: to yearn for someone/something

4.During the summer, he languished for his love and couldn’t stop thinking of her.

Obscure: not clear in meaning

5.When they went to Japan, everyone was speaking a language completely obscure to them and didn’t understand they were saying.

China Reopen parts of Tibet to Tourists

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BEIJING — China said Monday it plans to reopen Tibet to foreign tourists next week, in a sign of Beijing’s growing confidence after several sensitive anniversaries passed without any major disturbances. Tibetan areas sealed off to foreign visitors last year following antigovernment protests and a massive security clampdown will reopen April 5, said a spokesman for the Tibetan regional government’s tourism administration. China requires foreigners to obtain special permission to visit Tibet and routinely bars them from all ethnically Tibetan areas of the country during sensitive periods.

Now , the people can learn and experience that part of history Of Tibet now that it’s reopened. But they have to respect it.

Vocab 3/24

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Serenecalm, peaceful

1. We camped in a serene quiet camp sight for the week.

Commiserate to sympathize with someone

2.It was hard not to cry when i was commismerating with the family who lost their daughter.

ForageTo search for food

3.The hungry boy was foraging through the fridge looking for a snack.

PandemoniumWild excitement, chaos

4.We walked through the crazy loud concert , it was complete pandemonium everywhere we turned.

BlissExtreme joy

5.She was in utter bliss when she was proposed to the love of her life.